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Sing & See - Innovative Software for Better Singing Training


Sing & See - Enhanced singing training software
Sing & See gives real-time visual feedback about how a singer is singing - showing pitch, volume, and timbre in easy to understand musically relevant displays. It has been designed in conjunction with singing teachers to provide a simple to use tool for exploring the singing voice both within the teacher's studio and at home.

Sing & See provides a detailed pitch tracing, showing how the singer's pitch changes with time - highlighting areas where improvements are needed in pitch accuracy, stability, or transitions. It also shows a detailed spectrographic display of the harmonics in the voice, which reveals the timbre and "ring" in the voice.

Teachers all around the world are now using Sing & See with their students to help in accelerating their progress. For futher details and purchasing options please refer to the Sing & See website.

StarPlayIt - Play music with professionals
StarPlayIt is a multimedia interactive music experience, where students can practice in the virtual presence of professional musicians. In addition to a video view of an orchestra, accompanist, or musician modelling the student's part, the software shows the score to be played, and assesses the performance of the student's playing in real time.

StarPlay is a web enabled product that links students to an ever-increasing online library of thousands of pieces of music.

(Update - StarplayIt is not currently available).