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Algorithms - Innovative Expertise
CantOvation has the expertise to develop new algorithms in a wide range of application areas including speech and voice processing, music analysis, biomedical signal processing, and other acoustic analysis applications.

  • Recently, Rising Software came to us to ask for help in improving the pitch tracking algorithm in their flagstaff product Auralia. We were able to significantly increase the accuracy of the pitch detection in their recently product.
  • Pitch detection for Netflix game show "SING ON", in conjunction with ionoco, a major game show technology provider.
  • Algorithms for analysing the echo-location calls of bats and dolphins.
  • 3-D modelling of the human vocal tract and tongue.

Software R&D - Innovation and Experience
We have many years of experience in academic and commercial R&D, largely focussed on developing analysis tools for use by "end users". Some of our previous projects are listed here:

  • The development of a clinical cough analysis tool. This used custom hardware for recording the cough flow and sound, and a real-time analysis and display system running on a PC to show the clinician characteristics of the cough. The system was used in a number of clinical research studies of cough in childhood asthma and other diseases.
  • Development of a suite of acoustic analysis tools written in Matlab for studies of voice and music acoustics. These were used in a number of studies researching the counter-tenor voice, flute performance, projection and "emotional connection" in singing performance, amongst others.
  • Development of a device and software tools for measuring airways during clinical studies of asthma. This system, using the "forced oscillation technique" of measuring airways impedance, is now in use in a wide number of clinical and research projects at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research in Sydney

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