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Our Mission: Cantovationís mission is to help people to sing better, and to have more fun in their singing, by developing innovative technology... More...

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CantOvation Singing software

CantOvation's mission is to provide software tools that will help people sing better - and to have more fun with their voices. We created Sing & See, the premier visual feedback software tool for singing teachers and their students. Sing & See provides a new tool for singing training, giving visual feedback about the voice that complements the teacher’s own feedback and so enhances the learning experience. The use of computer tools in education is growing rapidly, and with the power of modern multimedia computers, software such as Sing & See can make use of sophisticated real-time audio and visual processing algorithms to provide the student and teacher with information that was previously only available in specialist centres. Thousands of singing teachers and students all over the world are now using Sing & See to help them learn faster and more effectively.

CantOvation Interactive Music

Music technology, and particularly computer-based interactive music “edutainment”, is a rapidly growing market with huge potential. CantOvation developed the technology that drives the interactive music practice software StarPlayIt, which gives students an immersive multimedia experience of playing along with professional musicians as they practise on their orchestral or band instrument. StarPlayIt provides music educators, students, and parents with an exciting new way to engage in regular music practice.

CantOvation Innovation

CantOvation continues to develop new products in the areas of interactive voice technology, with a special focus on the singing voice. We are able to provide custom technology in a wide range of areas, leveraging our intellectual property and development expertise to provide you with an innovative solution for your new product or service. Click here to find out more about our custom development services.

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